Platform 78 is a computational engineering and multidisciplinary consultancy company that inhabits the space between computer science, architecture, art and philosophy. Working together as a whole, our international team generates comprehensive and integrated designs for a more sustainable future.

Our company aims to rid the construction industry of its inefficiencies by constantly examining the design process and the procurement of buildings. We adopt technological advances in relevant fields and ensure that the technical design solutions we offer are highly effective, efficient and in line with the green design codes. For example, we don’t follow the old mantra of when in doubt, build it stout. But instead, we implement a simulation-driven design approach to generate an integrated design rather than to validate it.

Good design is aesthetic and elevates the human experience of space and time. To us, this translates to good project execution and a meaningful relationship between the team and the clients extending beyond the timeline of a project. Regardless of the scale of the project, our holistic service is always in tune with the evolving needs of the clients without compromising the resources of the environment.