Acoustic Services


Our experience of the environment around us is influenced by our subjective response to the aural dimension of the place. Good acoustic design contributes to achieving a comfortable place for living, working and enjoyment. The Acoustics service we offer falls into 4 categories:

Room Acoustics is concerned with achieving the optimum acoustic experience within an enclosed space. The services we offer address reverberation issues, echo and acoustic separation between adjacent spaces

In the field of Building Acoustics we take into consideration all building systems that raise noise and vibration concerns such as HVAC, Electrical and plumbing components. Another dimension to building acoustics is the connection of the building to the surrounding environment. An important aspect to any construction project is its impact on the existing ambient noise levels. We employ the finest approaches to contain the noise emitting from buildings, so that our neighborhoods will enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Acoustic services also deals with Noise and Vibrations at a large scale, e.g. road traffic, aircraft, industrial equipment, and any outdoor activities that is considered a nuisance. We aim to integrate soundscapes in some projects to create a more pleasant environment.

Electro-Acoustics is a specialist service which involves loudspeakers, sound systems, sound reproduction and recording, Voice Alarm or other system intended for emergency purposes. When we deal with such projects, we superimpose 3 different layers of design criteria; objective, subjective and the process of human hearing. Our aim is to deliver clear messages through the loudspeakers, and an enjoyable experience at performance spaces.


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