Beethoven Piano Forte

Project Overview
The Beethoven Piano Forte project is related to a temporary exhibition on the famous composer which takes place in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria from March through early July 2020.

Beethoven – The Exhibit presents different stages of Beethoven’s life and occupies 4 adjacent spaces (exhibition halls); Saal 1 through Saal 4. Each space showcases the patrons with a completely different experience by delivering a distinct acoustics and audio program. The proposed audio programs range from a Symphony in Saal 1, a quiet piece in Saal 2, and a piano symphony in Saal 3, to a singer and dancer in Saal 4.


What did we do?
Platform 78 was appointed to develop design solutions that would address the technical questions / challenges, and help the Museum deliver the desired experience throughout the Exhibit. In particular, Platform 78 produced:

  1. An architectural solution for optimization of the sound isolation between spaces, including build-up specifications, sketches and requirements.
  2. A script that allowed for verifications on the loudspeaker’s delays, thus ensuring the best speaker location for the highest sound quality in the rooms, and the least amount of distractive interactions between pieces.
  3. A design strategy for humidity control during the exhibition, and assisted in integrating the required HVAC solutions.


Good to know
The year 2020 will mark the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is paying a highly unusual tribute to the great master of Viennese classical music as part of the city-wide celebrations in 2020.