Rawan Serhan

Architect and Art Curator

Rawan is an architect and art curator with an interest in languages who enjoys the woodlands and foraging for wild edible plants.

Rawan has 10 years of experience in projects relevant to architecture and urban design. She started her career in 2007 working on UNESCO projects in the old cities of Bethlehem and Nablus in Palestine.

In 2009, Rawan moved to Glasgow to pursue a master’s in architectural studies at Glasgow School of Art, and carried out a research on the subject of acoustics simulation and generative surfaces in architecture. Upon her graduation, she relocated to London and held different positions working in multidisciplinary teams with a focus on computational engineering and sustainable design.

Rawan’s love of classical music inspired her to pursue a specialization in acoustics. In 2013, she joined Arup and held a position as an acoustic consultant engaging her background in architecture and urban conservation. Between 2013 and 2016, Rawan assisted her team deliver technical design solutions for schools, hospitals, spaces for performing arts, recording studios and large-scale botanic gardens. Amongst these projects were Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep, Oman Botanic Gardens, Victoria Palace Theatre refurbishment, Pinewood Studios, BBC Capital Square, Cardiff, Heathrow T4 Baggage Reclaim.

Working on a wide range of building projects has enhanced Rawan’s skill sets and the ability to mediate different worlds; technology and architecture, business and sustainability, and culture and urbanism.

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