Condensation Studies

Platfrom78 had the chance to take over the role of a Building physics consultant for a confidential museum project in Hong Kong. Part of our role was to consult our client on how to achieve and preserve a year long stable indoor climate meeting all of the strict conditions that a museum space requires. Those conditions are required as the museum curators need to ensure the proper maintenance and longevity of invaluable climate sensitive art collections.

On the specific project and provided the fact that the space was re purposed in order to become a museum, the owner asked us to make sure that their specially designed tube, half- tube and semi-circular double and triple laminated glass facade panels will not create any condensation issues. The local humid climate and the location of the building made these studies particularly important. Any condensation would cause local increase in relative humidity that might be proven harmful to any artifact installed close to the facade, destabilize the indoor climate and cause thermal and visual discomfort to the users obstructing the views to the outside.

For these reasons we conducted a detailed condensation potential analysis of the different facade panels on all the different orientations of the facade for each hour of the year.