Effie Douroudi

Architect Engineer & Computational Designer

Effie is an architect engineer specialising in computational design and digital manufacturing. Her work has been published and exhibited internationally, while she has taught and given lectures in Greece and UK.

She studied Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece where she graduated with Honours and Award of Excellence in 2017. Her diploma thesis “re[in]spired architecture” was awarded at the “Re-thinking Future Award 2017” as well as at the “Grad-review diploma thesis awards 2017” and published in architectural journals, conferences and websites in Greece and abroad. In 2018, she worked at Object-e architects in Thessaloniki on residential and urban design projects, winning four prizes at architectural competitions. In 2019, she completed her MSc degree on Architectural Computation at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London with distinction. Her MSc thesis, supervised by Shajay Bhooshan -co-founder of ZHCODE-, focuses on implicit 3D modelling of fabrication aware geometries vis-a-vis 3D printing. She has also conducted research on data driven design, optimisation algorithms and machine learning.

She strongly believes that deeper knowledge and skills on the integration between design and computation are imperative assets for the architect of tomorrow given the information society we live and the rapid technological advances ahead. New technologies are going to play a key role in shaping our times and she is determined to be part of this procedure.