Glare studies for Art Installations

Platfrom78 had the chance to take over the role of a Building Physics consultant for a confidential museum project in Hong Kong. Part of our role was to consult our client on how to achieve and preserve a year long stable indoor climate meeting all of the strict conditions that a museum space requires. Those conditions are required as the museum curators need to ensure the proper maintenance and longevity of invaluable climate sensitive art collections.
Part from the artifacts though, it is equally important that a museum space is offering a comfortable environment for its visitors to make sure that they can enjoy every single artifact.

On the specific project the owner of the permanent collection of the museum asked us to make sure that one of the main pieces of the collection that will be installed in front of a large west facing facade will be enjoyed by the visitors without annoyance during the evening hours, when the museum is expected to be more crowded.

For this reason we conducted a detailed Daylight Glare Potential study to assist in the proper sizing and placement of the wall that would host the artifact.
The intention of the study was to:

  • Block all the direct sun that might cause visual discomfort to the visitors.
  • Control the illuminance levels on the edges of the sun blocking wall at times of direct sun.
  • Identify the areas of the space more suitable for the visitors to use while enjoying the piece in order to minimize the above mentioned effects.