Layout Optimisation Tool

Platform 78 is keen on developing new means and methods for delivering Design and Construction Projects effectively and efficiently, and helping clients reduce “design waste” and loss of information during handovers. By focusing on changing the standard workflows and processes for project delivery, and levering computation and generative design, Platform 78 aims to:

1. Slowly introduce vertical integration and early engagement of designers, contractors, and suppliers into project delivery.
2. Develop means and methods for automating parts of the design and design documentation process.

Where the common industry tools falls short, Platform 78 sees an opportunity to develop its own tools that help its clients make quick and informed design decisions.

The Layout Optimisation Tool was developed for The Cohort to quickly “test-fit” existing building against The Cohort layout and business model. With an abundance of existing buildings sitting empty, The Cohort uses the Layout Tool to quickly determine an optimal layout that maximises the best number of beds against design time, construction time and cost, and overall OPEX. The tool allows The Cohort make quick and informed business decisions when new opportunities arise.

As a parallel process and before any final decision is made the client has the opportunity to get direct feedback on a number of metrics that indicate the quality and performance of the generated units. This assessment is happening in parallel with the layout generation and focuses on:
– Energy balance.
– Indoor comfort.
– Daylight performance.
– Glare potential.
– Dynamic blinds effect.
– Norms conformity for BENG, EPC, WELL and BREEAM.
– View to Points of Interest

The goal is that by the end of the “Test fit” process the client is informed, not only on how many units can optimally fit in the given layout but also on how well those units perform in terms of the metrics in place, what are the problematic areas, how to improve them and most importantly, the overall OPEX costs of the potential new investment.

When the client is ready to start the design of a new project, a 3D model and a complementary report including all the relevant assessments can be generated within seconds from the optimized layout, and handed over to a local design team.