Project Overview
PHYSEE is a Delft based company that is here to Change the Perspective with their innovative future-proof glass facade for the next generation of sustainable buildings.

PHYSEE’s projects range from commercial, to residential, to mix used developments. From renovations to new designs and include a long list of partners that are involved in the process of development and delivery.
Their clients are based in various countries including the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Belgium.
To date we have managed to deliver more than 20 PHYSEEbility Checks together.


What did we do?
In collaboration with PHYSEE we have developed the PHYSEEbility Check. This check provides an in-depth report on how multiple variations of PHYSEE’s SmartSkin in combination with other partner products can optimize energy consumption, reduce costs and increase user well-being of new projects under consideration. The PHYSSEbility Check is mainly developed in Rhino and Grasshopper and is able to automatically analyze a new building intake for various metrics including but not limited to:

  • Energy balance.
  • Indoor comfort.
  • Daylight performance.
  • Glare potential.
  • Dynamic blinds effect.
  • Norms conformity for BENG, EPC, WELL and BREEAM.


Good to know

  • PHYSEE was nominated from KvK – the Dutch Chamber of Commerce – as the most innovative SME of the Netherlands for 2019.
  • The average analysis time of our workflow is less than 5 minutes regardless the complexity of the project.