PMO Bahrain

Project Overview
For close to 2 years now, our founder Rachid Abu-Hassan has served as a Technical Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Ministry of Finance and National Economy (MoFNE) for the Kingdom of Bahrain on a number of large strategic construction projects including but not limited to:

1. Al Dana Amphitheatre.
2. Bahrain International Sports City
3. New Exhibition and Convention Centre
4. University of Bahrain College of Engineering
5. Manama Water Front

In addition, Rachid is leading number of initiatives on behalf of FDPM including:

1. Water Treatment Pilot Projects.
2. The Impact of Sea Level Rise Study.
3. Rehabilitation of National Stadium.

What did we do?
1. Project Management, Client’s Representative, and Design Manager on existing and new strategic construction projects in Bahrain.
2. In-house technical advisor and representative of the FDPM in project discussions and coordination with the different Ministries in Bahrain, namely the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Sports and Youth, and Ministry of Finance and National Economy.
3. Partake, assist, and lead efforts to research and/or introduce new project development strategies and methods in Bahrain for projects led by the FDPM.