Precast Cost-Estimation Tool

For one of our clients, a Pre-cast concrete contractor, we have developed a tool that allows them to automatically generate a cost estimation report for any new project request they are receiving.
The first version of the tool is primarily focused on single and double story homes, while the final goal is to provide the ability for our client to introduce any type and size of project they are developing.
So far, the cost estimation process was being done manually, requiring a turnaround time of more than two days. With the Cost Estimation tool, the process is now limited to a couple of hours depending on the scale of the project. In addition, the tool generates an optimized design as it seeks for the best combination of precast elements from our client libraries, based on their production and transportation processes.

Overall the PreCast Cost estimation tool offers:

– an immediate and optimal design solution.
– automated structural rationalization.
– a direct cost estimation report and proposal.
– a direct and accurate material take-off analysis.
– ability to perform multiple iteration directly in case of changes in the layout design.
– 24-48 hours reduction in comparison to the traditional process.