Project Dubai

Project Overview
For this confidential project in Dubai, Platform78 was called to provide an in-depth sun study for the outdoors space of the project under consideration. Given the temporary nature of the project the Designers wanted to introduce multiple workshop spaces within the outside public space of the project. Due to the complexity of the main structure and the site itself and provided the warm and humid climate of the region, it was a challenge to design adequately shaded workshop spaces that would provide a comfortable climate for the users while sustaining the openness and visual connection to the rest of the area.
Besides this challenge the Designers also wanted to introduce projection screens to semi open circulation areas that were partially shadowed from the complex main structure. The areas that those projections will finally be introduced were selected based on additional radiation studies that Platform78 concluded for this purpose.

The outside space area under study is apr. 10.000 square meters.
The Designers were looking to introduce 12 workshop within this area that already included various vegetation types ranging from low bushes to a variaty of trees.
The projections walls under consideration is apr 80 meters long and 8 meters high covering an area of 640 square meters.


What did we do?
Our role was to perform 2 analyses:

  1. A Sun/Shadow study for the outside area of apr. 10.000 square meters in order to identify the best spots to introduce the 12 workshop spaces and propose the optimal shading structures that will provide the spaces with high occupant comfort throughout the day while sustaining unobstructed views to the rest of the space.
  2. A Radiation study for an outside 80m long and 8m high wall that will be used as a projection wall in order to identify the most suitable areas with the lowest sun exposure in order to be used as projection spaces.


Good to know
The request came in 3 days before the deadline for delivery of the project thus the timeframe we had available to produce this work was extremely tight.