The Cohort Project Loision

Project Overview
The Cohort is a new hospitality start-up. It is one part hotel, one part residence, one part co-working, and one part restaurant. The first Cohort property, The Cohort Liosion Street, is set to open in mid 2020 in Athens, Greece. Additional properties are planned for 2021 onwards in Lisbon and Antwerp.

The Cohort Project Liosion is the conversion and rehabilitation of an existing 3000 square meters office building in Athens to meet the needs of co-living for short and long stays. The converted property shall accommodate a minimum of 45-units with required co-living and shared facilities such as a common kitchen, exercise room, movie screening room, rooftop terrace and a courtyard. In addition, the property shall include a signature co-working space, as well as several F&B outlets.


What did we do?
From the onset, Platform 78 was appointed to develop the technical design criteria, design standards, and processes for design and construction to help The Cohort rollout and scale efficiently. In addition, Platform 78 provided technical design advice and peer review for Project Liosion.
Using Project Liosion as the pilot, Platform 78 developed the following:

  1. The Cohort Design and Construction Process Manual.
  2. The Cohort Technical Manual and Design Criteria.
  3. Architectural and Engineering Standards.
  4. A Layout Optimisation Tool that can be deployed on any property to quickly determine what’s the optimal layout and aid in investment decisions. 


Good to know

  • Since its development, the Layout Optimisation Tool has been to “test-fit” several properties.
  • When it opens in 2020, The Cohort Project Liosion will be the first of its type in Athens.