Vilnius National Concerts Hall

Project Overview
Platform 78, together with PresenceLab, supported LAAV Architects with their competition entry for the National Concerts Hall in Vilnius, Lithuania.
The City of Vilnius is the capital and centre of cultural life in Lithuania. The city is home to the key professional musical culture establishments, including Lithuania’s two key symphony orchestras, the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra and the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra.

In 2018, the City announced an open international architectural competition for a new National Concerts Hall, which is to reach the highest standards of acoustic and functional characteristics, and to become a new landmark in Vilnius cityscape. The National Concerts Hall was to be located at an exceptional spot in Vilnius, the top of the Tauras hill, and to be an open multifunctional art centre and home for the Symphony Orchestra.

The project featured a Grand Hall – a classical concert hall with excellent natural acoustics and a Small Hall – multifunctional venue, which be easily adjusted for smaller performing arts events and other events, including symphony orchestra rehearsals.

What did we do?
Platform 78 and PresenceLab support LAAV Architects on acoustics and venue planning.