West Pavilion Cinema

Project Overview
The West Pavilion Cinema is a private movie theater aiming to set the standard in terms of design, quality, luxury and comfort. Arup Acoustics provided a Concept (+) Level design for room acoustics, acoustic separation, isolation, and audio systems, which has been further developed by the design team.

The Cinema, designed by UK based interior designers will seat up to 24-visitors in luxurious comfortable seats, and is being executed by the local contractor in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Further, as the Cinema aims to be fully certified, it must meet all the requirements for Dolby theater certification.


What did we do?
Platform 78 got appointed to be the experienced acoustics and audiovisual design firm to guide the local team and contractor in ensuring that design and design intent are closely followed and achieved.


Good to know
The cinema comprises four SSW-2 sub-woofers for the low-frequency effects, two additional SSW-2 surround sub-woofers, five M2 front speakers, ten SCL-4 side speakers, five SCL-3 rear speakers and eight SCL-4 overhead speakers, controlled by the SDP-75 video and surround audio processor, all from the state of the art JBL Synthesis high end home theater set. It connects to all available input sources ranging from streaming, disc players, direct input, consoles, all 4K capables, and interfaces with an automatic screen adjustment and light control.