In this climate of rapidly changing built environment and advanced technology, Platform 78 establishes itself as an organic mediator between the two worlds. Our aim as an engineering company is to continually generate intelligent services that elevate the human experience and create a more sustainable world. No matter how technically involved our design approach is, we put the comfort of the occupant and the user’s experience at the forefront of our proposed solutions.

Computational engineering runs throughout the wide range of the services we offer. Regardless of the scale or the developmental stage of the project, we research the latest technology in relevant fields and adapt them to suit our scope of work.

The services we offer are in the areas of:


Our experience of the environment around us is influenced by our subjective response to the aural dimension of the place. Good acoustic design contributes to achieving a comfortable place for living, working and enjoyment. Our Acoustic services fall into 4 categories: Room Acoustics, Building Acoustics, Noise and Vibrations, as well as Electro-Acoustics.

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Building Physics and Indoor Climate

Platform 78 provides services that improves the overall Energy Balance in the building. We work on the envelope design via optimization tools to offer the best solutions in: Indoor Climate, Condensation Studies, Thermal Bridges, Norm and Certificates Conformity, etc.

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Multimedia Design and AV/IT

Platform 78 thrives to implement the latest advances in Audio-Visual and Information Technology. These two areas grow closer together, consequently requiring an agile system that is a blend of video, audio, data, acoustics, lighting, electrical power and infrastructure to support the technologies and systems.

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Computation and Digital Services

Platform 78 is keen on developing new means and methods for delivering Design and Construction Projects effectively and efficiently, and helping clients reduce “Design Waste” and loss of information during handovers. By adopting simulation driven design and focusing on enhancing the standard workflows and processes for project delivery.

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